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Hello, I'm Caleb!

Videographer • Photographer • Writer • Adventurer

Taking on the World, One Frame at a Time

I’m an aspiring videographer, photographer, and book writer. Based in Lindon, Utah, and willing to travel.

I love traveling, adventure, and anything that’s new and exciting. I also love creating stories and adventures, and just enjoy creating and working on projects in general. And listening to music while doing so, is a must-have in my opinion.


FullTime Filmmaker Film School – Parker Walbeck

HomeSkool: Devin Super Tramp – Devin Graham


  • Cinematic video with stories and anecdotes
  • Commercials
  • Music Videos

I’m very extroverted and am most often hanging out with my friends on the weekends. But the rest of the time I’m progressing on a project and working hard to make it reach its full potential.

Additional information:
Virtual Reality is something I overly love, also roller coasters and similar things, since I am such a huge thrill seeker.
I also am a pretty experienced fighter, having earned a black-belt in mixed martial arts, as well as spent two years taking parkour classes. And continue to attend a gymnastics class.
I am also working on publishing a fantasy/sci-fi book series.
Sword fighting and archery are things I enjoy as well, as well as racing karts.




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